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Digital platform

that gives you worldwide transferring

We are a B2B payment processing company. We help your company to accept and make payments using the blockchain.

Our platform makes it possible to use the digital world together with the traditional means of payments making your business faster, more efficient, and global, allowing you to scale in a secure environment.

CifraPay is a secure and risk-free payment solution for companies around the world.

We have a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT, all within proper regulations with an ecosystem that adheres to clients and governments alike to allow for smooth transactions.


Secure platform protect from end to end.


Fast and precise transfers in a controlled environment.


Help your business payouts in minutes.

Our platform helps your company to make payments wordwide in a fast and secure environment. We are webapp at the moment but soon you will be able to download our APP in your favorite store.


All connected

Go Local

CifraPay is ready to make local payments in dozens of places all over the world. Your payment will arrive as a local payment from a local bank direct from a compliance checked account. This allows a 100% secure transaction for you and your client.

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Your company opens an account in our platform and it gets connected to hundreds of banks in the world. The payments are done almost automatically and you have more time to make more business.


Global Multi-currency Payment Solution

When you open an account in our platform you can collect receivables from over 40+ countries.


Global Payout Network

Cross-border, real-time, and fast payment solutions providing instant payouts into bank accounts.

Trusted by

all kind of business

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Go global with an international business payment account. Pay your supplier, and get paid in multiple currencies. 

You can use our webapp now and soon you will be able to download the app direct from your favorite store.

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3101 Park Blvd., 01-103-DD01, Palo Alto, CA 94306​

CifraPay is not a bank. We are a Fintech that offers a digital platform to enable your company to accept payments and send payouts globally. A regulated bank provides our banking services in Europe and in the US.

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